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I'm a research-driven product designer and practicing artist. Coming from a visual arts background, my interest in UX and product design started after noticing a need for accessibility considerations and user-centred approaches in museum and gallery spaces. I'm super enthusiastic about making public and digital environments more functional and inclusive.

I aim to make experiences that resonate emotionally and deeply with others in my personal practice, and I intend to continue building impactful work and solutions throughout my UX career. In both art and UX design, I value creating with meaning and purpose.

I'm currently looking for UX opportunities in the industry!

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Artist Statement


Christie Shen is a Chinese-Canadian artist considering the tensions of and between intimacy, grief, and nostalgia. Her practice presents themes of family and culture, memory, and preservation.  Her recent work considers the expressions of meaning and symbolism present in written language through its structure and translation. In the exploration of familial and intimate bonds based on sentimentality, she attempts to understand the ways in which nostalgia can colour who we are to each other and how we remember. She is a BA graduate from the University of Waterloo.